Kale Yes

January 19, 2018

What do you know, another green smoothie. This may be the same colored drink that's inundating your Instagram feed, but the results are different. I lit-er-ally drink this every morning to escape the jitter bugs and get that vital surge of energy. This mild blend of vivacious greens does all the tricks, burning your fat away while sitting and sipping. 

First and foremost here's what's in it:



Use 1 cup of organic, plain, low fat yogurt with 1-2 cups organic kale. Yogurt, rich in probiotics improves levels of good bacteria in your gut. Kale is very fibrous keeping you full longer and helps function your digestive tract






Add 1/2-1 organic banana with 1 tsp of organic chia seeds. Bananas have prebiotics, improving mood & GI tract. Chia seeds have nutrients like iron, aiding energy, muscle growth, and weight loss



Blend 1 cup of organic pineapple and 1 cup of organic mango into smoothie. These fruits are very rich in antioxidants which  fight various cancers and improve immunity


DO NOT throw all of these ingredients into the blender and press go.


START with your yogurt and kale. Your yogurt acts as your source of liquid, it's what makes the smoothie "go." Your kale is very cruciferous, it take a while to break down when using it in a smoothie. Allow the two to blend together before adding whats next.


THEN, throw in your banana. This is what makes your smoothie smooth. Let that get delicious and then throw in your chia seeds. Again, you don't want to sip on shit so let these grind up good.


TIME to get fruity. *SIDE NOTE: I buy my organic mango and pineapple whole, cut them into chunks and freeze them* You must freeze them because they act as your ice. The make the smoothie frothy and amazing. Add the mango first, blend it, stop it, add the pineapple second, and blend again.


Doing it this way will keep your blender from breaking and your smoothie from being grainy, chunky, and not cute. Go by color. You want this smoothie to be anywhere from a light pastel green to a lime vibrant green. The colors will fluctuate based on ripeness of kale and amount of yogurt you choose to use. 


NOW get up and make one! Post your version to your Instagram with hastag #DBZKNEEZ to be featured on our feed.


ALSO if you have a delicious variation of your own contact us if you want to write your own blog about it and feature it on our site.

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