Baby Shower Bliss

November 6, 2018


One of the greatest things for me during this pregnancy is all of the "firsts". Everything is new and I love experiencing such an intimate thing with myself and our baby. Like so many other things pregnancy brings, this shower was my first shower. No matter how many kids we decide to have, this will be my one and only first shower so it was definitely extra special already.





Who planned it


My fiancé's mom and her friends planned the shower. This was something new to me! I always thought and experienced the mother-to-be and her mother planned the shower. But as time went on both my mom and I agreed it was nice this way because we didn't have to stress over the planning etc.


I am usually a control freak when it comes to parties so that was quite an adjustment but like I said, I was so happy and grateful they took it over because the last thing you want to stress about in your third trimester is planning a large party and accommodating so many moving factors. It was truly beautiful.


Where was it


The baby shower was at a local country club. I had never been there before.  It was a beautiful venue overlooking a golf course and pool. The weather was also perfect (high of 65 + sunny) so that made for a super pretty backdrop. The actual shower was in an indoor ballroom.


What food did you serve


For food, there was a buffet-styled breakfast. Your usual fruits, quiche, eggs, bacon, etc. Super good. There was also different flavored cupcakes as dessert. And for party favors little succulents in a pot that said "watch me grow".


If you're planning your shower or someone else's and you don't know which route to go first look at the time of the shower: morning, noon, night. This way you can get a start on breakfast, lunch, or dinner themed foods.


Another route you can go is asking the mother-to-be what she's craving. Even if the shower is at night, she may want waffles!


Where was your outfit from


Dress - H&M $16

Duster Jacket - BCBG Dillards $149

Shoes - BCBG Dillards $51

Earrings - H&M $10


Did you open gifts or play games


I did open gifts. Luckily I had my sister up there with me because doing it alone is a NO THANKS for me. I typically don't like sitting in front of people and opening gifts but you will always have people at the shower who are used to that and really enjoy it so you may have to pick your battles on that one. It did create a super nice moment though for my sister and I. We were able to be ourselves (which is always a funny show when we are together) and it is a moment we will remember forever. If you do decide to open the gifts you'll need someone up there with you to write down who got you what for thank-you notes - pick someone you LOVE.


If you're extremely against it however, a cool idea someone told me was for their shower they had people bring gifts unwrapped and displayed them on a "present" table with their card in front of the gifts. That way people can go look to see what you got and who got you what while the mother-to-be can do other things. 


We did not play games. It was a short 2 hour shower. Baby shower games have a bad wrap anyway, they can be super cheesy and boring. Out of all the showers I've been to I've only liked 2 of the games I was forced to play.


1- have a mad-lib card at each place setting with fill in the blanks of what baby will be like. 2- Provide each place setting with 2 cards, one with the mom's name and one with the dad's name. Have a guest read off questions like "whose nose will the baby have" or "who will the baby learn patience from" and have everyone hold up the parent's name.


Who did you invite


I invited my close family members, my moms close friends, my close friends, my fiancé's close family members & their close friends. I chose to have an all-girl shower--I personally like that better.


One piece of advice I got while making my list (because I had no clue what the hell to do - about anything baby) was "only invite the people who will see baby regularly".


Don't invite all of the friends you had in high school when those people will never see your baby.  Remember showers are expensive! I probably invited about 70 people and 40 showed up.


Where were you registered


I registered on Amazon. I felt it was easy this way because they have EVERYTHING. And if anyone I invited was like me and procrastinates they have the trusty prime 2-day shipping option! Plus things you need will most likely be at a lower cost on amazon. 


Also what I loved was the fact Amazon gave an option to buyers to ship the gifts directly to your house. Majority of our buyers chose this option and it was helpful because a lot of my items were large and heavy like swings, chairs, etc. We were able to build them and get the house organized little by little instead of all at once on the day of the shower.


To see exactly what I registered for head over to:


P.s. DON'T be surprised if people don't get you things from your registry it's super annoying but it's reality. And one word of advice, do not register for clothes.


What were your favorite gifts


I am going to write a "best of baby things" blog coming up that will include my favorite gifts from the shower! Stay tuned...


Sorry in advance


It was unlike myself, but I did NOT take any pictures of the details of the shower on my own so I uploaded the ones I was sent and included ones of me standing in the same pose with some of my


There should have been a cardboard cutout of me that people could stand next to








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