Parasite Cleanse: What Happened

July 1, 2018

I love cleansing and trying new things that help heal my body naturally and organically..I came across this specific Parasite cleanse and had to try it, here's what happened:


Why I did it


The main reason I wanted to give this a try was for my skin. There are many benefits this cleanse provides for your body but a main one was for acne.


All of the reviews were centered around skin healing particularly cystic acne and the beloved backne.


I never suffered from major acne but the past year or two I was experiencing more than usual. I tried everything dermatologists and estheticians could offer and nothing was working...until this magical product.


How I did it



The cleanse comes with an entire ebook that goes over what will happen and how you should start.


It was in the form of capsules and you can take up to 6 a day: 2 capsules 3 times a day. NO I did not ingest parasites to cleanse my body, I ingested the cleanse to rid my body of parasites. Yes, we all have them. The ebook also goes into the common worms we have and why we get them.


With parasite cleansing comes die-off effects so it is advised to start slow and work your way up. The ebook goes into detail about what die-off effects are but in general it's what happens to your body when the parasites begin to die. You can feel flu-like symptoms, extreme fatigue etc.


Here is the schedule I created so my die-off effects would be minimal:

Day 1: 1 capsule at night

Day 2: 1 cap in morning; 1 cap at night

Day 3: 1 cap in morning; 2 caps at night

Day 4: 1 cap in morning; 2 caps at night

Day 5: 2 caps in morning; 2 caps at night


From day 5 on I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night until the bottle was empty. I did have die-off effects but they only lasted 2 days. I was just very tired, and felt extremely warm, and sometimes had the chills but again it didn't last long. Having these effects almost makes the cleanse feel better because you know it's working.


What I ate


During the 2 months I was on the cleanse I also followed the Candida diet. Basically I didn't eat anything high in sugar, no cheese, and minimal carbs. The ebook that comes with the cleanse will also go into foods to eat and avoid.


It's extremely important to include foods that detox your kidney and liver as these are the organs which host all of the toxins in our body.


Every night I would swallow a teaspoon of honey which is a natural probiotic and liver cleanser. I would always snack on pumpkin seeds, and have lots of greens throughout the day: celery, kale, spinach, brussel sprouts...


What you cannot eat are meats from factories, sushi, unwashed fruits and veggies, processed foods, etc. because these foods host parasites and you don't want to counteract the work the cleanse is doing.


Everything I ate was organic but I'm human and would have some dessert once in a while. It's also not advised to drink alcohol either and I just drank in moderation.




After week 1 I saw a huge difference in my skin. And by the time it was over my skin was just about "cured".


Worms were passed in the process but overall I felt great. Even some mental and emotional cloudiness was healed. Like, I'm a total hypochondriac and I feel going through this intense cleanse I was able to release some of those insecurities. It also just helped me be a healthier person both mentally and physically.


Remeber when you cleanse you're getting rid of all the nasties in your body so you'll definitely see some different things going on and coming out, especially during a parasite cleanse.


I also get bloated at night and my bloating went away almost completely. From the diet and cleanse I lost about 5 pounds but that wasn't the reasoning for wanting to cleanse it was just a bonus.


Below are photos of my progress from the first day to the last week.
















































Where to get it


There are a bunch of different parasite cleanses on the market, just do your research before purchasing and definitely read the reviews.


The one I did was the Parapro Cleanse by Organic Olivia. I highly recommend any of her products. Even if you don't want to do it still check out that page linked above and read through all of the reasons why you should cleanse and how we get parasites.


Feel free to email me any questions you have on what to expect!

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