What Is "Model Food" | Model Appetite Collab

May 11, 2018


One of my favorite collabs to date has been this one with Model Appetite. Owner, founder, and model Phoebe Ghorayeb dishes out what's like to (not) eat like a model all while maintaining a healthy physique and career in that industry.


Her definition of a model goes beyond Kendall Jenner or a contoured queen with millions of Instagram followers and ties in more of an everyday aspect that is applied to every human, no matter your size, status, or profession.


And...for an added sexy spin on things, Phoebe is a new mom to a beautiful little girl so the advice she gives has a lot to do with how she wants the next generation of our future to act and this can be applied to literally, anyone!



What is one health secret most people don’t know about?


After visiting a naturopath she told me a really great trick to help detoxify your mouth. It's called coconut oil pulling. By swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 10 minutes, taking care not to swallow any of it, it absorbs all the toxins and gives not only your teeth but your mouth a really good clean. It's also a great teeth whitener!


Your take on a model appetite?


My blog Model Appetite takes on two meanings. The word model not only refers to my career as a model but also being a role model and someone and something to look up to.


I want my blog to demonstrate to people that it's possible to have a career as a model without denying yourself the pleasure of food. I am a model but I am first and foremost a woman and mother.


Modelling will come and go but my life as me, Phoebe, is something I want to look back on and know that I enjoyed to the fullest my love and passion for food. Now that I have a daughter it is important for me to show her the importance of a healthy relationship with all food. 


The one workout you always lean on?


Pilates! Working on all those little muscles and movements keeps me in check when smashing myself during the more intense gym classes I do. I also recently discovered Barre which I describe as vertical Pilates. It still focuses on core and posture but with the added enjoyment of a bit of ballet to indulge my girly side. 


Life hacks we should know about?


We have a drawer in our second bedroom for gifts and freebies we are given that either don't fit, we already have or or aren't quite to our taste. It's great for re-gifting for those last minute party invites or forgotten birthdays......


How do you stay healthy in an unhealthy environment?


I believe it all starts with a healthy mind. So by surrounding myself with positive people and people I love it translates into healthy choices, a healthy attitude and a healthy body.


Phoebe is an inspiration from the products she chooses for her daughter, to her approach to life, and work ethic there is something to learn. If you want to know a little more head over to the asking forum and shoot her a question!







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