How to Stay in Shape from Nike Professional Mandy Perkins

April 24, 2018


Meet Gator track-star turned Nike professional Mandy Perkins! It was an honor picking her brain on how she stays in shape both on and off the track all while maintaining a professional career with Nike. 


Mandy talks about the importance of both mental and physical health and how being active can play a comfortable role in your lifestyle. It's all about making small changes and taking some big time for yourself. 


You'll see below how she faces challenges like everyone else but her way of overcoming them is super cool plus she shares some secret products that help with skin complexion and more! 


  • What is one health secret most people don't know about?


Attention to mental health. I can be a naturally anxious person and it reflects in my mood and my appearance. 


Once I got closer to identifying exactly what was making me anxious or stressing me out (which some things you can’t change, and that’s ok- that’s where reflection and meditation come in) I noticed that my breakouts decreased, I gained significant energy back and I was an overall happier looking and feeling person. 


I think we start to subconsciously accept issues that bother us as normal life details, but once you become more aware of yourself and how you react to these things it’s easier to take a step back and approach it in a healthier way.

On more simple secret- I’ve started taking Apple Cider capsules (1 a day) and it’s really evened out my skin tone! Mixing collagen and turmeric powder in your water is also great for skin and energy.  


  • What's it like working for Nike? How does it shape your healthy-living lifestyle?


Nike is a progressive company that is young and always a head of the curve. I’ve met some global directors who are only 28 years old! 


Working for Nike has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to not just work harder, but think differently in ways which require me to think outside the box. Many of my co-workers inspire me every day. 


I think the most special part is realizing how much sports mean to our consumer, or realizing that maybe a Nike product or experience was the inspiration for a kid to pick up a sport he or she will cherish for the rest of their lives. It is certainly competitive, but no day is the same and I’m thankful for that.  


  • Describe your running journey...


I started running only because a friend in 9th grade wanted to join our high school cross country team but wanted to do it with a friend. I had no idea what cross country was or that running was even an option for me. 


After a few practices and races I felt comfortable in the flow of the sport and realized it was for me. From there I worked throughout high school to take the next step to run in college. I am so thankful I discovered it because it has unlocked limitless blessings for me- a college education, opportunity to travel, international friendships and memories I will have forever. I will always feel gratitude towards my ability to run.  


  • One tip for getting summer-bod ready?


I sound like a broken record but running is the best workout for your body. You are working your core, arms and legs at the same time. Start out with whatever you can handle and slowly work your way up to 30 minutes a day. Finish with body weight activities- 10 push ups, 30 crunches and stretching- and it will get easier and more enjoyable each time!  


  • Favorite alternative workouts and favorite snacks?


I love just going on bike rides or choosing to walk. I live about a mile and a half away from fun restaurants and shops and I try to walk there instead of driving as much as possible. 


I think we tend to think a workout must be an intense, sweaty 30-minute session but walking a couple miles a day is a great way to stretch out your legs, have some healthy alone time and move at a relaxing pace. I have trouble justifying paying for expensive boutique fitness classes when other options are free. If you pop in some headphones, listen to a podcast and enjoy the day you just got in a workout and saved some Uber money ☺

Snacks are easy as I just love fruit. I’ll go to Publix to pick up some mangos and slice them with Greek yogurt. I certainly have my junk food days, and you shouldn’t feel bad about that at all because moderation in everything is key- but eating fruit makes me feel clean. I’m trying to be better about drinking 3 liters of water a day because that’s what ties all your fitness and healthy food choices in to make the big difference!  


To find out more about Mandy just ask  and get your answer! 




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