How to Make Flowers Last Longer

March 21, 2018


One of my favorite things to do is find, pick, and arrange fresh flowers. There's just something about the outside world and natural beauty that draws me in. I want to be surrounded by it at all times. The way I find I can do that on an everyday basis is by always having my home stocked with fresh bouquets-everywhere. 


What sucks is they don't last forever and while it's not something I'm willing to sacrifice, I don't enjoy spending unrealistic amounts of money on this necessity. Which brings me to this life hack I swear by...


  • Add 1 quart warm water to a clean case

  • Pour 2 tbsp of sugar into the water- sugar helps nourish the flowers and opens the blooms

  • Add 2 tbsp white vinegar, stir well- this vinegar is different from the health vinegar drink that'll keep you in shape. White vinegar helps eliminate bacteria and keeps flowers fresher, longer. 

  • Remove lowers leaves from flower stems so none are in the water 

  • Cut flowers as needed at an angle while they are under water

  • Arrange your flowers- get fun and funky with it 

  • Disply flowers in a draft free area, avoid direct sunlight 


Be sure to change your water every other day and cut the stems each time. Just like your hair, each time you cut the flowers they will grow longer and stronger. Remember, each flower is specific and has its own benefit and life expectancy. Ask me to find out which flowers I always have in my home and why, the health benefits are spectacular!   

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