Health Week - Feature Spotlight II

March 15, 2018


Alexandra Martinez, founder of Typsy Soul , is a globe trotting babe seeking out recipe inspiration around the world. She shares her journeys and unique approach on what health really means through a feminist's eyes. Check it out >>


One health secret most people don't know about? 


You can make many of your own medicines herbally without the pharmaceutical additives. Such as asprin is the same as white willow bark, and easy cough syrup can be honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and ginger!

Where does your recipe inspiration come from? 


Different cultures and countries, I try to capture them in my photography. I try to create lifestyle posts about how to maintain a home life with international travel. The diversity of our planet and its people is what drives me to create and document.

Who influences you?


Fellow micro bloggers I look up to for their quality > quantity feeds. Those who defy the criticism of millennials and social media, by using it as a platform to spread their work and monetize their talents. Whether that is photography, influencing, writing, etc.

How often do you work out? 


I actually hardly work out - my health consciousness is much more about the food I put into my body. But at home yoga always does the trick, and the occasional Krav Maga self defense class... because it is something I believe every woman should try!

Staying healthy in an unhealthy enviornment?


It can be done by focusing on your diet, keeping up water intake, cutting off stress and negativity that doesn't suit you and practicing mindfulness for a little everyday. The mind is a muscle that can be trained. 


The thing I admire about her most is her brave outlook on life and her want to consume rich encounters with strangers everywhere. This Typsy Soul has amazing adventures and quite the perspective. Go follow her around the world! 


Alexandra Martinez
Currently Unsettled in... Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Blog | Instagram | YouTube  





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