5 Course Vegan Meal

February 9, 2018

My boyfriend Scott and I are the first to try new things, and this was one of them-a completely plant based 5 course meal....and no we did not make it ourselves. We have a friend, Tyler who is a part of a two-man show known as The Vegetable Butchers. They put on vegan dinners for a select audience and the food was AMAZING. If only they could cook for us every night. Here's the run-down....



To start, we had a mix between a margarita flatbread and bruschetta. The cheese was made out of a cashew base (and I don't know the rest).

It had typical tomatoes, basil, and a reduction on top.












In between meals the two chefs would come out and talk to the 20-30 people in the Vigola restaurant educating us on how easy it is to use dairy and meat substitutes.


On to the next one....soup! This was a take on Zuppa Toscana. Filled with everything from beans, potatoes, kale, and spices it was a delicious hearty bite that left a zing. Instead of using sausage they used a tri-shroom combination and it was super good.











As you're getting the hint of an Italian theme, next we had Caesar salad. With asparagus, romaine, croutons, and shaved cashew instead of parm cheese. The dressing was made out of a vegenaise and tasted better than regular Caesar dressing, more on the tangy side and very fresh as they used lots of lemon juice and no sardines. My favorite part was watching how cute they shaved cashews instead of parm cheese....oh and eating all of the food.













For the main course we had a bolognese. They again added mushrooms in place of meat in this dish. Everything from the noodles, to sauce, and ricotta 'cheese' paste was plant based. I love original bolognese but what I liked about this one over the original was how light it was. Some bolognese are super rich and leave you feeling overly full or making you not able to finish your plate, this one didn't make you feel bloated at all.


Yes, eating a five course anything is a lot of food and I did take home a doggy bag or two from this dinner but again you didn't feel like a fat lard after.









Ahhhhhh the best part. If there is one thing I love it's sweets. This dessert did everything but disappoint. It was a deconstructed espresso tiramisu. It started with a pool of espresso chocolate, local honey, cinnamon snow, layered by a cake sandwich with a cashew based custard, and raw cocoa nibs on top. 


If I could eat this everyday I would.


Overall it was a dream of an experience. I love diving into new things. I have been eating plant based foods for a couple years now but not exclusively. After eating this meal I realized that I could do it but little by little I am in no rush to go cold-turkey.


For more information on this dinner ask me your questions!

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