Dabin' Through A New Daily Routine

January 19, 2018

Natural oils found on this earth are essential to our everyday life. Also known as nature's living energy, these concentrates are known for healing the sick and supplementing the healthy. Essential oils are considered mankind's first medicine that aide in rituals, support the body's natural systems, and provide physical and spiritual needs.


The organic oils are found in seeds, shrubs, bushes, flowers, roots, and trees. However, the volatile liquids do much more than defend these plants and our bodies from environmental conditions and disease. Today you can find them used in: aromatherapy, massage therapy, household solutions, spiritual rituals, emotional health regimes, personal care, nutritional supplements, and so on. The methods to the emotional release madness can be targeted through: distillation, topical, dilute, vita flex, compress-warm, compress-cold, body massage, oral, and inhalation. This does not mean go out and buy any oil and start washing your body with it. Each oil has directions on the label that suggest the best method to use and how. Remember these oils are for medicinal use so each one holds it's own healing property. The brand I trust the most is Young Living Essential Oils.



By incorporating these bad boy's into your life you will notice a balance within moods and distillation of negative emotions. The key is to promote a better well-being within your life.


You can enjoy a healthy emotional state, improve your physical wellness, cleanse your home and surroundings, refine your skin, and promote spiritual awareness. The techniques are endless with everyday collections, starter kits, raindrop routine, etc. It's time for you to start exploring.





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