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 Meet Lisa Hamilton- you probably recognize her on Instagram as SeeWantShop or SeeWantTravel. See how Lisa turned her love for life into a career and new Fashion Icon name.

Instagram Mogul 

1.Tell us your background story,  how did you get started in vlogging?


YouTube has been something I have wanted to do for a long time as an added branch of my digital blog See Want Shop. My blog has a very strong, clean and controlled branding with a focus on beautiful imagery. I wanted to do something a bit more real, raw and engaging for my followers.So it was a natural progression really.


2. What was your motivation for becoming a digital influencer?


I definitely fell into blogging accidentally. I moved to the UK on a working holiday about five years ago and opened up some social media accounts so I could post about my travels. I started gathering a following and I also discovered the world of blogging in Europe, I was fascinated! I decided to start the blog as a hobby and as an extension of my social media channels.



3. Have you been a traveler and fashion fanatic your whole life?



Yes, always! I have always loved to travel and took every opportunity I could when I was at university to do so. I was lucky enough to have a good part-time job and I saved like crazy to afford my holidays. I have also always loved fashion and putting together an outfit. In saying that I didn't necessarily love following the runways or designer labels, but I loved trends and shopping high street brands. I was all about the bargains when I was younger!

4. What was your journey like in becoming an Instagram mogul?


It was very much an organic growth. I slowly gathered a following by posting imagery that I loved, I was so surprised when people started following me! When I was first on instagram there was a lot less saturation in the influencer market so it was easy to stand out and grow followers. The growth has been steady ever since I joined. These days I try not to focus on the numbers!


5. Your style is so unique and trendy. Where are your favorite pieces from?


Thank you! My fave pieces are by Anine Bing, Zimmermann, Chloe, Acne Studios & Viktoria and Woods.

6. We are all dying to know: do you buy most of your clothes or are you now welcomed home from your travels to boxes of presents from top brands?


It's definitely a combination of the two. There are still plenty of things I buy for myself, to be honest I just love owning something because I have worked hard & purchased it myself with no pressure to promote it. In saying that, I do receive lots of lovely gifts and I am very lucky!

7. What is going to be the biggest difference between your SeeWantShop and SeeWantTravel accounts?


SeeWantShop is all about me and covers my life, travels, style and everything in between. SeeWantTravel is more of a wanderlust account. It's all about travel inspiration and also a nice outlet for all my excess travel pictures!


8. Top 3 career highlights so far?


Being flown to Paris to shop at Chanel, being flown to Milan to attend Milan Fashion Week & being an ambassador at Holden Australia.


9. Who is your main influence for style?


I love Emmanuelle Alt, Kate Bosworth, Lara Worthington & Elin Kling.


10. Top 2 vacation destinations & why?


The Maldives - that place is the most stunning corner of the world. It is honestly breathtaking and it's so relaxing. I also love Italy - my boyfriend is Italian so I love everything about it. The food, the culture, the people, the history. It's such a wonderful country.


11. If we go to Australia where do we HAVE to eat?


I have a few faves. In Sydney, I love The Ground of Alexandria for breakfast & Icebergs Bondi for lunch/dinner/drinks by the water. In Melbourne, my faves are Mr Miyagi for fun Japanese with a cool vibe, Baby Pizza some delicious Italian and for breakfast I love Matcha Mylkbar in St Kilda.


12. What makes a person stand out?


Their personality, happinesss and self-esteem. Confidence is everything.


13. Leave us with a closing mantra to live by:


If it feels good do it.

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"If it feels good, do it."

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