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 Meet Michelle Barbic Smith an up and coming stylist with a knack for keeping it simple and living life to the fullest. See how she got started with her career and what she never leaves the house without.

Styling 101

1.Tell us your background story, how did you get started in blogging?


I went to school for fashion, so it has always been something that I gravitate too. But, what really inspired me to start blogging was working as Creative Director for this online magazine. I loved the creative element, but I also loved conceptualizing the idea and time it took to come up with each piece created. With that Early Morning Blog was born. =)


2. What was your motivation behind your styling career?


I love fashion and how it is a reflection of who we are as individuals. I get to bring that life.



3. People should never leave the house without wearing what?



People should never leave the house not feeling confident in what they wear. Style comes with confidence and owning your individuality.

4. What do you classify as a “Lifestyle Blogger”? What is your life about?


For me a lifestyle blogger can vary from person to person. For me it is sharing my experiences and connection with people.  


5. Your style is so classic. Where do you get your “must-have”: pieces from?


I sort of shop all over- Zara, Free People, House of Harlow- I shop vintage but splurge when I absolutely love and need the piece.

6. Do you prefer inexpensive or expensive?


Either or, to be honest I have been splurging on staple pieces. They last longer and are timeless.

7. How would you tell people to market themselves in terms of entrepreneurship?


Stay true to who you are, realize the time and hard work it will take. Find your niche and stick to it. We are all so different and have so many different ways to tell our story- someone out there is going to relate to you.


8. Top 3 career goals? How do you go about achieving them?


I’ve got a few, but one that I really strive for everyday is to wake up everyday and not feel like I am working.


9. Who is your main influence for style?


70’s-boho hippie- I am a huge fan of Nicole Richie, The Olsen Twins and Rachel Zoe.


10. Top 2 branding techniques?


Know your brand essence, if you want to be simple and clean- stick to it. Having cohesion. Be clear in the story you are trying to tell.


11. If we go to LA where MUST we eat?


Oh wow that is hard…hmmmmmm

Sugar Fish- Best sushi

Cecconis in Weho- delicious Italian and they have the best happy hour.


12. What makes a person stand out?


Being comfortable in your own skin and owning that.


13. Leave us with a closing mantra to live by:


Be open to whatever come next. 

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