Top 10 For Minimalist Interior Styling

March 26, 2018

My take on what any modern maven needs in their home. 


Minimalist styling* embodies an abstract, minor & moderate reform of modern design relating to music or art. 


Metals, thin geometric lines, vintage lineage, and bold patterns falling on neutral backdrops is just a dab of the minimalist timeline. Here are the latest top 10 minimalist must-haves through my eyes:


1. Hanging Lights - the most recent take on modern interior design and everyday aesthetic is centered around tans, sands, and desert color palettes with textures like straw or wicker, furs or feathers. Hanging lights add depth to any home: in the kitchen cozy corner or bedroom.



2. Contour Art - is an artistic technique in which artists sketch the contour, or outline, of a subject portraying an abstract take on the outer meaning of the subject. My personal favorite of these pieces are naked contours which portray a different meaning on the human body than society classifies.


3. Diptyque Candles - or any candles with beautiful packaging are a winner for minimalist interior design. A popular favorite are Diptyque due to their monotone colour and fresh floral scents.



4. Round Mirrors - paved the way in 2017 with an overflow of this interior design trend into 2018. Minimalist styling is all about thin lined metals and geometric shapes so any round mirror with these qualities will do. 


5. Symmetric Frames - frames with exactly similar parts and size illuminate difference in a similar world. With the same frames you draw in visitors eyes so they really focus on what's inside the frame and try to find the difference. 



6. Table Books - make any home cozy. With such specific, detailed, thin & clean interior design, small details that add character and warmth are so important. Get books that both you and your visitors will enjoy looking through and reading.  



7. Teapot - not only do the outside of these devices hold value in home design, but what goes in the inside also align with health trends. Tea paves the way for relaxation, communication, and Feng Shui peace. 



8. Indoor Plants - nothing new here, except in the way they are placed and illuminate any modern space. Greens are a must when you mix monochromatic colors, especially blacks, whites, tans, and greys. Nothing screams louder than a green fiddle leaf fig in a room full of squares and fur. The trick is getting them to last longer... 



9. Bohemian Rugs - this is a bit of a new take on minimalist interior styling in that bohemians rugs scream color. Why they work? Their patterns are bold and stand up to concretes, metals, & straw. 



10. Pops of Pattern - in a sink, on a floor, or as a backsplash. Small segments of bold patterns can create a different aura for any room. You can have plain walls and neutral colors so long as a pop of pattern gets in the mix. 




Did I leave something off the list? Want to know where you can snag some of these finds? Just let me know or ask away...  


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