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Health Week - Feature Spotlight I

February 26, 2018

It's Health Week on DB'Z KNEEZ which means this week and next will be packed with mini-interviews from health influencers and companies. So, in honor of health week I've asked them to share some of their secrets on how to stay healthy and get "summer-bod" ready.


The series of similar questions answered by each influencer will be posted throughout the next two weeks. It was definitely cool to see how each person varied from the other and the combined health tips and tricks are easy and effective - tried and true!


To start, Jordan from Dancing for Donuts clears up health myths vs facts and shares her favorite health recipes:


What is one health secret most people don't know about?


I think most people don't realize that "healthy" fats are actually so important to your diet! The 'low-fat' trend from years ago is still prevalent, but fat helps keep you full, fuels you through your day, and makes sure your body is functioning the way it needs to be! 


Where do you find your recipe inspiration?


Pinterest!! I always type in a few keywords like "energy bites" or "vegan dinner" and so many things will pop up. I also follow about 50 other food bloggers so I'll visit their blogs regularly for ideas! Instagram is great too for food inspiration, but I find that actual recipes on websites are easier to follow.


Who influences you?


My family, friends, and others in the health and wellness community. There are so many incredible people I've met on Instagram, which is so crazy to think, but I find such inspiration and motivation from some of the kind people that post about healthy living! I'm also super influenced and inspired by female entrepreneurs and successful business women. Since they're my role models, I always want to see what they're doing, reading, listening to, eating, etc. so I can do the same! Maybe then I'll be successful, too :)


Where do you workout?


I used to be a professional dancer so dance class was my main workout, but now I love to take pilates, barre, yoga, and cardio dance classes around Los Angeles. I just joined ClassPass at the start of 2018 and it's been motivating me to try new things!


How do you stay healthy in an unhealthy environment?


I always, always have snacks on me. I get laughed at sometimes, but when everyone else starts to get hungry and I've packed a healthy option, they get jealous since I have something on me! I love bringing protein bars with me (preferably those with low sugar and clean ingredients), as well as plant-based protein powder and whole fruit. When I go out to eat or meet friends at a restaurant, I'll look for options that have vegetables, fiber and protein. I think it's important to treat yourself and indulge, but I still try to get nutrients wherever I can! 


Go follow Jordan on Instagram for daily inspiration, recipes, and workouts! 















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